Behind the Lens

IN A NUTSHELL:  Jenna here! Thanks for checking me out. I orginated from Ottawa, Ontario, and have spent bits and pieces of my life living in Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary, New Zealand and now PEI. Spending  time in the busiest Canadian cities have given me an overwhelming appreciation for the peace and tranquility of the mighty and gentle Island. When I’m not out shooting or editing, I’m probably baking, metal-smithing, dog mom-ing, or planning a trip to see/ eat something incredible.

JENNA’S LOVES ARE:  The Office, The Marvel Universe, The Crown, Downton Abbey, GOT.  Blink 182 and all the classic punk tunes,  Smartie blizzards, Harry Potter everything, Indian food, candles that smell like pine trees, and big comfy sweaters. Red velvet cake, all 20 of my semi-thriving house plants and of course my biggest love, Mitch Man. (Husband and team player. See below) Yes, I’m basically a really trendy elderly woman.

PEI Photography

why do you do what you do?

Visual arts and photography is an integral part of who I am. Being able to share that energy and art form with my clients as a way to express their life stories and experiences is a privilege that I will be eternally grateful for.
Thank you <3


Hi I'm Mitch! I'm not much of a talker, but my wife encouraged me to write about myself, so here I am! For you wedding goers, chances are good I'll be spending some time with you though-out the wedding day. Kinda that uninvited groomsman that I promise you'll be thankful for. (I know about the boutonnières, and how to properly arrange that tie) When I'm not taking photos, I'm likely at my Monday-Friday job working with craft brew tanks. If I'm not there, I'm probably jamming out on my guitar, listening to my record player, or hanging with my 2-pound guard dog/manager, Hendrix. Any other questions, just ask away!