Are you looking for earthly-romantic in colour, and intimately candid in movement? Good news, you’re in the right place!

My name is Jenna and I would like to personally welcome you to my online space. While every session is a little different, it all comes down to bringing out the realness and raw power of you. Whatever your vision, and however you wish to express it, I will be there to document all the pieces of your personal and unique love story.
                                                                                              -Jenna Rachelle

The Photographer


I'm your go-with-the-flow sister whose been anxiously awaiting to meet you! From simple to complex, everyone has a story worth telling. I work with couples who are wildly in love, business owners who are divinely passionate, and individuals who just want to let it out! Want to chat more about your upcoming project or Wedding day? Send me a message and let's go for coffee!

"Being a photographer is the artistic ability to harness the humanity in our day to day lives and preserve them as visual monuments"

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Rich earth tones and candid style movement

Quality and professional documentary style wedding photography for couples wildly in love and not afraid to show it. Contact today for availability