Those questions you want to ask.

The answers you want to hear.

• Do you recommend an engagement session?

YES! I do recommend having an engagement session. It allows us to work together before the big day as a fun trial session. If you are not used to being in front of a camera, this session can be key in making sure that you are comfortable and fully enjoy the time you spend taking photos on your wedding day. We keep it light and fun, so expect to have a few laughs.

• What should I wear for my session?

BE COMFORTABLE. That is the most important one. From there, it depends on what type of session you are looking for. If you have an idea or a vibe, send me a message and we can talk it over. Otherwise, just be prepared to move around and have fun in whatever you're wearing. Try to stay away from vivid/bright orange and reds. Neutral tones are always a safe bet, but we can always work with whatever you're vibing!

• Can we meet in person before booking my wedding?

Heck yes! In fact, I will likely persuade you to sit down and chat with me before booking. It's a great idea to sit and discuss your ideas and vision with your vendors. It ensures that we are all on the same page and gives us a chance to get to know each other.

• How many Photos Will I receive?

There is no guaranteed min or max amount of photos. TYPICALLY, you will receive around 60-80 photos per hour. Many factors go into the number of photos including the family formal list, travel times, the number of photo locations etc. Give me a shout and we can go into more detail about this!

• When will I receive my photos?

Wedding galleries are sent back to you within about 6 weeks. Family and couples sessions are about 2 weeks.

• What is required to book?

You will need a confirmed date, a signed contract, and a deposit sent before all bookings are confirmed.