London, Ireland, Scotland and back again. What can I say other than what a spectacular thing travel is.

Scotland, a lasting buck-list place for me was just as incredible as I imagined it. The sights, the smells, the people. It’s something that has to be experienced first hand. I often put down the camera, (and accepted defeat) that there was no way I could ever replicate what my eyes were taking in. Mountains that dance around you like young giants. Everlasting bodies of water surrounded us in the Isle of Skye, like a scene from a never-ending story. A true heaven on earth situation to anyone that gets a chance to behold such a treasure. I’ll continue to pass on the haggis, but otherwise, just go there. You’ll love it.

Ireland, you dusty old charmer. Every pub and stone path has a history of magic and tradition. Green in tones you never knew existed flow over the country side like emerald oceans. Did I mention the potatoes? The accents? How about the Guiness? Yah.. I’ll probably just stop there.

Photos by Jenna Rachelle Photography

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