Behind the Lens

IN A NUTSHELL:  Well hello there! I’m Jenna.  Originally from Ottawa I have lived and travelled across the globe (24 countries and counting).  Spending time in the busiest Canadian cities has given me an overwhelming appreciation for the gentle Island we call PEI. I’m definitely one of those ladys that will stop mid sentence to pet your dog. With a background in confectionary design, its safe to say I like cake. All gluten really. Bouquet of baguettes > flowers every time. The Personal Side: For me, photography is an art form of expression. A way to capture the honesty and humanity in all of us. With all my couples- raw, authentic and unposed moments are my golden nuggets. I believe it is my job to help guide you to the safe place of allowing those natural moments to surface. We will ditch the stiff posing and focus on playing in all the beautiful cornerns of our pretty little land of Anne. 

The Fan Favourites:  The Office & Downton Abbey, spicy caesars with extra beans, Drive-in movies, ⚯͛, Apple Cider, pineapple on pizza, coffee all day, thrifting vintage goods, all 20 of my plant children and of course my #1 pal, Mitch Man. (Husband and team player. See below) 

PEI Photography

why do you do what you do?

Visual arts and photography is an integral part of who I am. Being able to share that energy and art form with my clients is a privilege that I will be eternally grateful for.
Thank you <3


Hi I'm Mitch! For you wedding goers, chances are good I'll be spending some time with you though-out the wedding day. Kinda that uninvited groomsman that I promise you'll be thankful for. (I know about the boutonnières, and how to properly arrange that tie) When I'm not taking photos, I'm likely at my Monday-Friday job. If I'm not there, I'm probably jamming out on my guitar, listening to my record player, or hanging with my 2-pound guard dog/manager, Hendrix. Any other questions, just ask away!